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Easy guides to teach you all the Irish you need for the home. 


Free Phrases Print for the home

Get started today with these nine useful phrases in the Irish language that you can use everyday. 


Our Gaeilge Guides


Real, everyday Gaeilge for the home

Gaelscoil Online's guides are all about learning real Gaeilge that you can use everyday and work your way to being a confident Irish speaker to your páistí.

The fastest and easiest way to fluency

As parents, there's rarely time to study a whole language course and be able to consolidate all that learning to form the phrases you'd need at home. This is why we have created guides that give you everything you need so you can fast track your way to fluency.

Raise your páistí with Gaeilge

You will be finally be able to say that you are a proud Gaeilgeoir, and most special of all is that your kids will grow up with the language, thrive at school, and be proud gaeilgóirí themselves. 

Easy because...

Short Lessons

Between 3-5 minutes long. 

Done for you

We have all the phrases you need from morning until night. 

App + Desktop

Learn from your phone or laptop. 



Become a proud Gaeilgóir

You will finally be able to confidently say that you can speak the language. All our mammies and daddies say that their Gaeilge comes back to them and its easier than they ever thought. 


Bi-lingual Children

Research shows that bilingual children have improved reading, writing, and math skills, and they generally score higher on standardized tests. They also show better concentration, multi-tasking and problem-solving skills. 


Pass on the teanga

Filling your house with Gaeilge will mean that you are passing down our wonderful native language, with its culture and traditions.

Take a look inside 


Don't Wait!

The younger your children are introduced to any language, the better, and that goes for you too. 

Which one suits you? 

Gaeilge sa Bhaile 
Complete Guide to Speaking Irish at Home



  • 6 modules that cover your entire day; phrases to use from morning until night. 
  • More than 150 everyday phrases.
  • Gaeilge for all your routines. 
  • Short 5 minute video lessons you can fit into your busy life.
  • Songs and rhymes as Gaeilge in every module. 
  • Workbooks for you and the páistí.  
  • Exclusive access to our Gaeilgeoir Parent Tribe Facebook group
  • Group events, including fortnightly Q&A.
  • Lifetime access.
  • Guaranteed fast track to fluency and Gaeilge in the home. 
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Mini Gaeilge sa Bhaile 
6 Week Easy Guide to Speaking Irish at Home

Coming Soon


  • 6 mini modules that cover phrases to use from morning until night. 
  • 30 + phrases you can use everyday. 
  • Gaeilge for routines. 
  • Short 5 minute lessons you can fit into your busy life.
  • Songs and rhymes as Gaeilge in every module. 
  • Mini module workbooks. 
  • Guarantee that you will be speaking Irish at home. 
  • The easiest and quickest way to learn the language.

Gaeilge sa Bhaile 
Monthly Subscription



  • Gaeilge for the home every week.
  • Study in your own time, from your phone (yes, we have an app). 
  • 5 minute lessons to easily fit into your schedule. 
  • Monthly bonus song/rhyme as Gaeilge. 
  • Cancel subscription anytime. 
  • Upgrade at any time for lifetime access.
  • The easiest & most practical way to learn the language, guaranteed. 
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Janet Johnson

"I feel so much stronger after taking Kim's class."

Aimee Right

"Kim's classes are so much fun, I can't wait for the next one!"

Jamie Sonet

"Kim's classes helped me build confidence."

John Block

"I've always dreaded the gym, but I look forward to every one of Kim's classes."

Bridget Blue

"I was worried I wouldn't get a great workout, but I can feel the burn!"

Angie Birman

"I never thought getting fit could be so fun! Kim is great at what she does."

What our mammies and daddies say....

What has been your favourite part?

"I have loved going through it and all my Irish from school coming back slowly but surely but now I have more of an interest in learning it and to hear my Tongan Irish boys saying phrases fills my heart."

Is it what you expected? 

"[It] is much more than I expected. It has been created just right for teaching the kids in a fun non teaching way if that makes sense! It is obviously created by a mother as it covers all I need to say to my children so far so the lack of questions and feedback/criticism is because the course is just right for me so far".

Is it easy to follow? 

"Yes it is. I love the short videos as I am so often interrupted by the kids and these are ideal to pause and take it in and then do another one. Love it!!!"

What would make the guide easier for you? 

"I am a bit behind and going slower than intended but I like how there is no time limit so I can really practice before moving to next theme week".

Would you recommend to friends and family? 

"Yes 100% because I think it’s realistic to be able to do & reap the rewards & a lovely teacher who is very patient & enthusiastic so it so enjoyable". 

What has been your biggest win/transformation so far?

"Hearing my kids speak Irish".

I know what you're thinking.....


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Passing on the Teanga!


Hi, I'm Jenny, and I learnt Irish from beginner to fluent and completed a  BA, MA and PGDE at NUI Galway. I've been teaching ever since. Since becoming a mum, I felt so lucky to be able to speak Irish to my daughter, and I want to help others do the same. 


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