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Wheels on the bus in Irish, as Gaeilge with an image of a bus with children on it

The Wheels on the Bus in Irish


Wheels on the Bus Song in Irish ï¿¼


Learn the words to this children's classic, 'Wheels on the Bus' in Irish, and also enjoy watching and singing along with the kids. 


Where to listen to this song

You can find the words below. 

This song is found here on Cúla4 app or website; 'A fun song about the wheels on the bus'

This song is also available in English on Super Simple Songs via Youtube and more. 


'Wheels on the Bus' Song on Super Simple Amhráin (Cúla4)

Dialect Note; This song is written in the Connaught dialect so vocabulary and pronunciation may be specific to Connaught. 'Faitíos' is used instead of 'eagla' (scared). 'Breathnaigh' is another verb for 'look', like 'Féach'. 


'Wheels on the Bus' as Gaeilge lyrics


Bíonn rothaí an bhus ag casadh thart, (The wheels on the bus do be turning around)
casadh thart, casadh thart. (X2) (turning around)
Bíonn doirse an bhus ag oscailt mar seo, (The doors on the bus do be opening like this)
oscailt mar seo, oscailt mar seo (x2) (opening like this)
Bíonn cuimilteoirí an bhus ag dul sall ‘s anall, (The wipers on the bus go over and back)
sall ‘s anall, sall ‘s anall. (X2) (over and back)
Bíonn bonnán an bhus ag dul bíp, bíp, bíp (The horn on the bus goes beep, beep, beep)
bíp, bíp….(x2)
Bíonn paisinéirí an bhus ag dul suas anuas, (The passengers on the bus go up and down)
suas anuas….(x2) (up and down)
Bíonn na leanaí ar an mbus ag dul wa, wa, wa, (x2) (The babies on the bus go..)
Bíonn na máithreacha ar an mbus ag dul shh, shh, shh, (The mothers on the bus go ,,)


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