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Gaeilge for the home

Gaelscoil Online's guides are all about learning real Gaeilge that you can use everyday and work your way to being a confident Irish speaker to your páistí.

The fastest and easiest way to confidence & fluency

As parents, there's rarely time to study a whole language course and be able to consolidate all that learning to form the phrases you'd need at home. This is why we have created guides that give you everything you need so you can fast track your way to fluency.

Raise your páistí with Gaeilge

You will be finally be able to say that you are a proud Gaeilgeoir, and most special of all is that your kids will grow up with the language, thrive at school, and be proud gaeilgeoirí themselves. 

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Baby Gaeilge

This will be for new parents, and expecting parents. Learn Irish to use with your baby because the sooner the better. 

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Gaeilge do Mhúinteoirí

If you are an Irish primary school teacher, and would love to be fluent and confident in your Gaeilge, this is for you. 

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