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Gaeilge sa Bhaile 
Complete Guide to Speaking Irish at Home

This is for you Irish Mammies and Daddies ,and caregivers alike. Do you wish to pass on Gaeilge to your kids?

Be able to speak Irish at home, so that your páistí grow up with the language?

This is the fast track way to being a confident Irish speaker at home. 

You will learn all the phrases you need from morning until night and receive continuous support through our Gaeilgóir Parent Tribe. 

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6 Week Easy Gaeilge Guide to Speaking Irish at Home


If you'd love to be able to throw in some Gaeilge into your daily lives and routines at home, then this mini 6 week course will make the easiest it could be. 

Self-led, no time commitment, easy, quick, done for your lessons with the most useful phrases for the home. 

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Coming Soon

Everyday Gaeilge

From start to fluent

Not a parent but want to finally be able to say that you can speak the language? 

You'll love this upcoming course with Gaeilge from start to fluent so you can confidently use the teanga (language).  You'll bever have believed Irish could be this easy. 

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Babytime as Gaeilge

Weekly babytime in Irish

This is for the babies and toddlers (but it's also for you parents and guardians too). Songs, rhymes and games as Gaeilge, and from the comfort of your own home. Babies will be so engaged and get learn the Irish language at the same time, with you. 

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