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Gaelscoil Online caters to anyone, including parents, who would love to be more confident in the Irish language, or have a fresh start. You can learn Irish in a quick, easy and practical way that is nothing like school. 

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Check out the Beginner, Everyday Gaeilge and Irish for Parents lessons on Youtube. 

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Check out our blog for lots of your Irish language grammar and translation questions answered and lots of resources for parents too including songs and rhymes in Irish. 

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Would you like a free fresh start with the Irish language? Maybe you're a beginner, or would like to start again, or a parent that would like to add in more Irish at home, this is your free, easy and fun fresh start with the Irish language, and it's all online and in your own time. 

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Fáilte, Welcome!

Is Mise Jenny

I'm an Irish teacher, but most importantly a mammy

When I had my daughter and I was raising her with Irish, I saw that other mammies in the community had a desire to do the same, so I created our Gaeilge Guides and membership for mammies & daddies interested in the language. 

We have so much to get you started and due to popular demand, we will have Irish for complete beginners, and an everyday Rusty to Fluent series coming this year. 

In the meantime, check out the blog, sign up for the weekly newsletter, and enjoy learning real, practical Irish you can actually use every day.

It's never been easier! 

More About Gaelscoil Online

What our mammies in the membership say...

Would you recommend to friends and family? 

"Yes 100% because I think it’s realistic to be able to do & reap the rewards & a lovely teacher who is very patient & enthusiastic so it so enjoyable". 

What has been your biggest win/transformation so far?

"Hearing my kids speak Irish"

What has been your favourite part?

"I have loved going through it and all my Irish from school coming back slowly but surely but now I have more of an interest in learning it and to hear my Tongan Irish boys saying phrases fills my heart."

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