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Irish Language FAQs; The Most Asked Questions about the Irish language Answered


Irish Language FAQs; The Most Asked Questions about the Irish language Answered 


Here are some common questions about the Irish language:


What is the Irish language called?

Irish people will primarily refer to the language as 'Irish' when they are speaking in English and 'Gaeilge' when they are speaking in Irish. The Irish language is called;

  • Gaeilge when we're speaking in Irish
  • Irish, when we are speaking in English 

Check out this video here that explains this


Is Irish a difficult language to learn?

Irish can be challenging for English speakers to learn due to its complex grammar and syntax, but it is not necessarily more difficult than any other language.

Like any language, Irish will take time and effort to learn and become proficient in, but with dedication and practice, it is possible to learn Irish.

Check out the free pronunciation guide below, or many of our beginner phrases here


How many people speak Irish?

According to the latest Census of Population, approximately 1.77 million people in Ireland can speak Irish, with about 73% of Irish citizens being able to hold a conversation in Irish.

However, the number of fluent speakers is lower, with only about 10% of Irish citizens being fluent in the language.


Is Irish spoken in Northern Ireland?

Irish is a recognised minority language in Northern Ireland, and it is taught in some schools there.

However, it is not as widely spoken as it is in the Republic of Ireland, where it is an official language.


Is Irish a dying language?

Irish has gone through a period of decline in terms of the number of speakers, but it is not a dying language.

In recent years, there has been a renewed interest in the Irish language, and efforts have been made to promote and revitalize the language.

There are Irish-language schools and immersion programs, as well as Irish-language media and cultural events, which all contribute to the continuation of the language.


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