FREE Quickstart Gaeilge Guide for Parents

The ultimate guide to learn practical easy Irish you can actually use at home 💚


Whether you want to; 

  • Raise your children hearing the language 
  • Improve your Irish
  • Finally be able to say you can speak your language 
  • Feel more confident with school homework 
  • Help your children at school 


What you'll get; 

  • Easy, practical Irish you can use at home, straight away
  • All the most used Irish phrases by mammies and daddies 
  • Easy, quick videos in 3 minutes 
  • No classes to attend, use the app or your laptop whenever you want 
  • In your own time, so don't stress about completing anything 
  • Fun badges to keep you and the family motivated 
  • Easy downloadable phrase prints to pop up at home 
  • Phrase cards to print or make at home, to keep the phrases top of mind  
  • Your children hearing Irish at home #priceless 


What you'll learn; 

  • Easy commands in Irish that you can use every day with the kids e.g. Sit down, get your coat etc. 
  • Easy questions to start conversing with your children in Irish, like 'where are you going?'
  • Easy phrases used to praise the kids in Irish, like 'that's brilliant', 'well done' etc. 
  • Downloadable phrase prints and phrase cards to make it really easy to learn and use. 


There's Nothing else like it! 😲



  • 6 month access
  • Totally FREE!


I have loved going through it and all my Irish from school coming back slowly but surely but now I have more of an interest in learning it and to hear my ... boys saying phrases fills my heart.

Mammy in Complete Gaeilge Guide

What has been your biggest win/transformation so far? "Hearing my kids speak Irish"

Mammy in Membership