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Is Gaeilge, Irish, Gaelic a Dying Language?

Is Gaeilge, Irish, Gaelic a Dying Language? 

Irish is a minority language, and like many minority languages, it has faced challenges in recent history. However, it is not a dying language. The Irish government has implemented policies to protect and promote the Irish language, such as the establishment of Gaeltacht regions, the compulsory teaching of Irish in schools and the provision of Irish-language media.

In recent years, there has been an increase in the number of people learning and speaking Irish, including a growing number of young people. Also, there has been a renewed interest in the language, culture, and heritage of Ireland. However, it is still considered a minority language and it's still facing challenges such as language shift and language death in certain areas.

Overall, it's important to note that the status of any language is always subject to change and influenced by many factors including social, economic, and political factors. The future of the Irish language is still uncertain, but efforts are being made to preserve and promote it, and it's not considered a dying language at the moment.

As the owner of Gaelscoil Online, an online Irish language school, I can say that the interest in learning the Irish language from Irish people is immense and this shows a lot of positivity towards the revitalisation of the language. 

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