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Beginner Irish Lesson 02; How to Introduce Yourself in Irish

beginner gaeilge how to say in irish


How to Say Your Name as Gaeilge


Sa cheacht seo (in this lesson), you will learn/revise how to introduce yourself in Irish and two ways to say your name in Irish Gaelic. 


Check below the video for useful links. 


 Beginner Lesson 03

  1. I am ... = Is mise .... [iss misha]
  2. My name is .... = .... is ainm dom [iss anim dumb] ainm dom literally means, .... is the name for me. 


 Beginner Lesson Breakdown

  1. me = mé [may]. The 'e' is long here. 
  2. Mise = me in Irish with emhpasis
  3. Do = for in Irish 
  4. Dom = for me


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