Irish Pronunciation Bundle for the Whole Family

Say goodbye to Irish reading & spelling homework struggles with the children 

Fun workbooks for the whole family to finally feel confident with Irish reading, spelling and pronunciation. 

  • These 4 Booklets that are jam packed with Irish pronunciation explanations for you and the kids.

  • ¬†You will be guided¬†through all of the main pronunciation rules and patterns for Irish nouns.

  • ¬†The booklets are fun, colourful and can be used digitally or printed.

  • ¬†They all have live pronunciation links so you can listen to all of the words in each dialect.


Do you struggle with...

Not knowing how to teach your children how to read & spell in Irish? 
Irish pronunciation and reading?  
A lack of confidence in speaking and reading Irish? 

And worst of all?

There is next to no support for parents in helping their kids thrive with the Irish language and not see them struggle throughout their school years with the language. 

An dea-scéal
The good news

I created a highly requested solution to the struggles of doing Irish homework with the kids, and teaching them Irish reading, spelling and pronunciation with confidence. 

I N T R O D U C I N G 

The Family
Irish Pronunciation
Workbook Bundle

Finally a way to demystify the Irish language for you and the kids in a practical, interactive and fun way.  You and the kids will be reading, speaking and spelling in Irish with confidence. 

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Take A Peek Inside the Workbook Bundle


Initial Consonants in Irish

Learn how all the consonants in the alphabet are pronounced in Irish with this fun and interactive workbook

In this workbook you'll...

  • Learn how different letters of the alphabet are pronounced; b, c, d, f, g, h, l, m, n, p, r, s, & t
  • Listen to each word being pronounced with live pronunciation links
  • Complete fill in the gap spelling activities¬†
  • Enjoy reading and decoding Irish pronunciation so you're never confused again.¬†


Consonant Combinations in Irish

This workbook tables a look at the most common consonant combinations in Irish that often confuse Irish learners, including; bh, ch, dh, fh,  h and th. 

In this workbook you'll...

  • Learn the most common Irish words with these consonant combinations and how to pronounce them.
  • Have fun reading and spelling in Irish and listening to how words are pronounced using the live pronunciation links.¬†


Vowels in Irish

This workbook tables a look at how vowels are pronounced in Irish and most important the difference between vowels with an accent and without; a, √°, e, √©, i, √≠, o, √≥, u, √ļ

In this workbook you'll...

  • Learn¬†the difference between vowels with and without accents and how a fada (accent) affects pronunciation.¬†
  • Continue on your journey of learning all the most important and common nouns as Gaeilge


Vowel Combinations in Irish; Diphthongs

This workbook tables a look at the most common diphthongs  in Irish that often confuse Irish learners, including; ei, ea, ai, oi, ui, eo, io, ia, aoi, ao, ua

In this workbook you'll...

  • Learn the most common Irish words with these vowel combinations and how to pronounce them.
  • Have fun¬†practicing lots of Irish spelling and reading.¬†
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4 digital download workbooks on consonants & vowels

Learn all of the basics of Irish noun pronunciation in a fun, interactive and memorable way for you and the family. 



  • BONUS¬†#1
    Extra bonus activities booklet with activities to enjoy with any Irish words you want to learn with the kids. These make learning fun. 
  • BONUS¬†#2
    Irish Pronunciation Mini Masterclass on demand to watch whenever you want
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Frequently Asked Questions


Hey there, I'm Jenny 


I'm a mum and M√ļinteoir and started Gaelscoil Online to support parents with a love of the Irish language.¬†

All of the mammies and daddies in our membership and community want and need support to feel more confident helping their children with Irish at school, and to be able to pass on the language to their kids too. 

These pronunciation booklets have been inspired by all the questions and queries I get from parents that are struggling to help their kids with Irish homework, specifically in reading and spelling. 

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End the struggles with Irish for you and the páistí!

These workbooks will end the struggle with Irish reading, pronunciation and spelling of nouns in Irish and make it really easy to learn all the most common nouns in the Irish language. 

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