Irish for Parents: Mini Course

This mini course on demand for parents & caregivers is the perfect lead on from the Quickstart Guide. 

You will learn real, practical Irish phrases to use at home straight away.  


What you'll get:

  • Easy, practical Irish you can use at home, straight away (one step up from the simple commands included in the Quickstart Guide)
  • All the most used Irish phrases by mammies and daddies raising kids with Gaeilge. 
  • Quick, easy 3 minute videos
  • No classes to attend, use the app or your laptop whenever you want
  • lifetime access, so don't stress about completing anything 
  • Phrase cards to print or make at home, to keep the phrases top of mind  
  • Your children hearing Irish at home #priceless 


  • Self-led library of phrases that you can watch and listen to on your phone or laptop
  • Workbooks for every mini module
  • Phrase cards to print off or use to make your own 


Your Modules 

Module 1; Phrases for the morning time, from getting the kids up, making breakfast, washing and brushing teeth & hair etc and talking about the day. 

Module 2; Phrases for getting ready, getting the kids dressed, hurrying them up and getting out the door. 

Module 3; All the phrases you'd need for playtime and having fun with the kids as Gaeilge. 

Module 4; Phrases for saying goodbye, see you later and making arrangements. 

Module 5; Phrases, questions and answers for chatting all about their day. 

Module 6; All the phrases you need for nighttime and a lovely bedtime routine as Gaeilge. 


Who is it for?

  • Any parent that would love to be able to add some Irish into their day with their children
  • For any parent that would like their children to have some/ more Irish so that school Irish is a breeze for them 
  • For anyone that would love the children in their life to have their native language and a connection to their heritage


Who is it not for? 

This is not for you if you don’t want to learn Irish yourself. 


Why is this guide unique? 

There is nothing like this in the world at all. We have been the first to make an online, self-led program for parents. 


The easiest and fastest way to learn Irish and have your children learn too.


There's Nothing else like it for parents! 😲


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What People Are Saying:

Your approach is so easy to follow. We love speaking Irish at home everyday because of you.

Irish Mammy

Literally the best money I have ever spent. My children speak a little Irish every day.

Irish Mammy

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