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wash hands in Irish

Wash Hands Song in Irish (as Gaeilge)

Wash Hands Song in Irish 


Every single day in our house we sing this song in Irish and in English. 

I learnt the English version from a Sing and Sign class we did when the little one was just a small baby, so I was so thrilled when I came across an Irish version on a Peppa Pig episode of all places. 

I love the Irish version. At home we sing one verse in Irish and one in English often. 

The words are simple, ar aghaidh linn (let's go)


Where to listen to this song

You can find the words below. 

This song is from Episode 18, Season 8 on RTE Player. 

It also appears in a few other episodes. 


Peppa Muc RTE Player

You can watch Peppa Muc on RTE player. 

1. Go to RTE player

2. Choose kids, and under 7

3. Scroll past Peppa Pig to find Peppa Muc


Wash Hands Song in Irish Lyrics, From Peppa Muc

*Pronunciaiton is different across dialects. Keywords are linked here so you can hear in each dialect and the yellow gives a standard pronunciation to help. 


Nigh, nigh, nigh do lámha (Wash, wash, wash your hands)

[Nig, nig, nig duh lawva]

Nigh go mbeidh siad glan (Wash them clean (literally; wash until they are clean))

[Nig guh meg sheed glon]

Bolgáin, bolgáin, bolgáin, bolgáin (bubbles....)

Nigh go mbeidh siad glan.


listen to this song on this episode; Episode 18, Season 8 on RTE Player. 


Wash Hands Song in English 

Wash, wash, wash your hands, 

Wash them nice and clean, 

Bubbly, bubbly, bubbly, bubbly, 

Wash them nice and clean. 


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