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mother waking child up in bed and  how to say 'wake up' in irish in text

Irish Mammies & Daddies, How to Say 'Wake Up' in Irish.

Irish Mammies & Daddies, How to Say 'Wake Up' in Irish, as Gaeilge


Hopefully if you're here, you're interested in adding some Gaeilge into your home. 

That would be amazing for your children, for them to hear the Irish language as they grow up. 

It doesn't have to be daunting at all. You only have to start with one phrase at a time

'Wake up' is a great one to add into your routine. It's short and sweet (maybe not for them), and they will be more likely to listen to you (at least the first few times) if you are using a different language; added bonus.

If videos are for you, you can grab your phrase below. If you prefer to read, jump below the video and there's a little mini lesson there. 

'Wake Up' in Irish Gaelic, is 'Dúisigh'

Phonetics; [Doo-shig]

Structure; 'Dúisigh' is the verb to 'wake up'. To give an order as Gaeilge, you just use the verb itself. 

Plural; 'Dúisígí' is telling more than one person to 'wake up'. 

Pronunciation; Click here to hear this phrase in each dialect.  


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