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Dia duit song from Super Simple Amhráin

Super Simple Amhráin ar Cúla4 Dia Duit Song

Super Simple Amhráin ar Cúla4


The Hello Song on Super Simple Amhráin

'Amhrán spraíúil faoi Dia duit a rá!'

Ar fáil ar Cúla4


Super Simple Amhráin is a lovely series of songs on Cúla4. 

This 'Dia duit' song is great for learning and practicing

  1. saying hello in Irish with the kids
  2. asking how are you
  3. different response to how are you in Irish for the kids. 

The lyrics are below, and I've linked to the episode too. Enjoy learning and watching with the páistí. 


Where to watch 

You can watch it on their Cúla4 app on your device, or on TV.

They also show it live on the new Cúla4 station.

Watch here now via this link


Lyrics and explanation

Note; This song is sung in a Connaught dialect so Irish and pronunciation is in that dialect. You can of course pronounce in a dialect of your choice, and can check pronunciation on


Dia dhuit, Dia dhuit, Dia dhuit,  ['h' added in in pronunciation in Connaught(Hello, to one person) 

Cén chaoi a bhfuil? [You don’t hear the ‘a’ here and 'tú' (you) is omitted, which is common when speaking]. - (How are (you)?', Connaught dialect)


Táim togha [taw-im tow] (I'm grand)

Táim thar cionn [taw-im har keen] (I'm excellent)

Táim iontach uilig [taw-im een-tuck ill-ugg] (I'm great/wonderful altogether)


Táim tuirseach [taw-im tur-shuck] (I'm tired)

Táim ocrach [taw-im uck-ruck] (I'm hungry) Explanation below 👇

Níl mé rómhaith [Kneel may ro-whah] (I'm not too good)


* Táim ocrach; 'ocrach' is an adjective, which goes with 'tá mé', whereas, 'orcas' (hunger) is a noun and goes 'on you' in Irish, 'tá orcas orm'. 

So you can say;

  • Táim ocrach (I'm hungry) 
  • Tá ocras orm (hunger is on me)


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