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Rainbow song in Irish

Rainbow Song in Irish

Rainbow Song in Irish 


The Rainbow Song on Super Simple Amhráin

'Amhrán spraíúil faoin mbogha báistí'

Ar fáil ar Cúla4


What is rainbow in Irish? 

Rainbow in Irish is 'bogha báistí', 'bogha ceatha', or 'tuar ceatha'. 'Bogha' means 'bow' and 'báistí' comes from 'báisteach' which is 'rain'. 'Ceatha' comes from 'cith' which means 'shower'. 'Tuar' means 'sign'. 


Rainbow in Irish pronunciation

Bogha báistí is pronounced as 'bow-a Baw-stee'. You can hear the pronunciation of bogha báistí here

'bogha' is pronounced as 'bow-a'. Bow as in to take a bow, with an 'a' at the end. You can hear the pronunciation of 'bogha' here. 

'báistí' is pronounced as 'Baw-stee'. You can hear the pronunciation of báistí here

'ceatha' is pronounced as 'cah-ha'. You can hear the pronunciation of 'ceatha' here

You can hear the pronunciation of 'tuar ceatha' here. 


Rainbow song in Irish 

This rainbow song on 'Super Simple Amhráin' on Cúla 4 is great for learning and practicing

  1. Rainbow in Irish pronunciation
  2. Colors of the rainbow in Irish
  3. How to pronounce colours in Irish 

The lyrics are below, and I've linked to the episode too. Enjoy learning and watching with the páistí. 


Where to watch 

You can watch it on their Cúla4 app on your device, or on TV.

They also show it live on the new Cúla4 station.

Watch here now via this link


Lyrics and explanation

Note; This song is sung in a Connaught dialect so Irish and pronunciation is in that dialect. You can of course pronounce in a dialect of your choice, and can check pronunciation on


Feicim bogha ceatha thuas sa spéir. (I see a rainbow up in the sky
Feicim bogha ceatha in san aer. (I see a rainbow in the air
Feicim bogha ceatha thall sa ngleann. (I see a rainbow over there in the glen
Céard iad na dathanna atá ann? (What colours are there?
Feicim dearg, oráiste, buí, glas, (I see red, orange, yellow, green,
Feicim gorm ‘s indeagó (I see blue and indigo
‘s feicim vialait. (And I see violet.
Sin dathanna an bhogha ceatha. (They are the colors of the rainbow


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