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Image has the text 'lámh, lámh Eile' and 'rhyme as gaeilge for the páistí' written with an image of a girl dancing and having fun singing in Irish.

Lámh, Lámh Eile; A Rhyme in Irish to Teach Body Parts


Lámh, Lámh Eile;

A Rhyme to Teach Body Parts in Irish


This is one of two rhymes/songs that I used to teach my daughter all the main body parts in Irish, as Gaeilge

Tip, as 'lámh' can be hand or arm, and 'cos' leg or foot, I would say the rhyme twice and the 2nd time, show the latter. 

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Lámh, Lámh Eile


Lámh, lámh eile, a haon a dó, 

Cos, cos eile, a haon a dó, 

Súil, súil eile, a haon a dó, 

Cluas, cluas eile, a haon, a do, 

Ceann, srón, béal, smig, 

Agus fiacla bána im' bhéal istigh. 



Lámh, Lámh Eile, as Béarla


*please note that this translates literally and the Irish version sounds much better :) 


Arm, another arm, one, two.

Leg, another leg, one, two.

Eye, another eye, one, two.

Ear another ear, one, two. 

Head, nose, mouth, chin, 

and white teeth in my mouth inside. 


*'lámh' can be hand either, and 'cos' can be foot. 


Putting into practice

  1. Start with watching the video with your little one and sing along. 
  2. Practice a lot yourself so you're comfortable. 
  3. You'll soon learn it off by heart and be able to enjoy it whenever.


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