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Irish for emails, openings and closings for your work or personal emails as gaeilge

Writing Emails as Gaeilge; Email Opening and Closings as Gaeilge, in Irish

Writing Emails as Gaeilge

Be able to add some Irish/Gaeilge to your work or personal emails



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Opening Your Emails in Irish

Dear Sir or Madam = A dhuine uasal
Dear Seán = A Sheáin, a chara
Dear Siobhán = A Shiobhán, a chara
Dear, ____ = A chara, ______ 
To whom it may concern = Don té lena mbaineann or Don duine a mbaineann sé leis


Thanking in Irish 

Thank you for your email =  Go raibh maith agat as ucht do ríomphost


Signing Off Emails in Irish 

I am yours trulyIs mise le meas,
Yours trulyLe meas,  
With kind regards =   Le gach dea-mhéin
Best wishes = Beir bua
Beir bua & beannacht = Sending best wishes


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