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Everyday Irish Lesson 03; How To Ask 'How Was Your Weekend?' in Irish

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How Are You Getting On? 


 Sa cheacht seo (in this lesson), you will learn how to say 'how was your weekend?' in Irish, as Gaeilge. 

Check below the video for useful links. 




 Everyday Lesson 02

  1. How was your weekend = Conas a bhí do dheireadh seachtaine? [kunis a vee duh yerra shock-tanna]

*If you'd like to know more about this in the different dialects, take a look at the video above. 


Briseadh Síos (Breakdown) 

  1. 'do' is followed by a séimhiú, often. 

*If you'd like to know more about when you can check out the video above.  


Grammar Dictionary;
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