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asking someone how they are in Irish, like a native speaker

How to Ask 'How Are Things?' in Irish, Like a Native

How to Ask 'How Are Things?' in Irish, Like a Native

In this example conversation, "Conas atá cúrsaí?" is used as a common Irish language greeting, which translates to "How are things?" in English. The phrase can be used to ask a friend in Irish how they are. It is a really great natural way used by native speakers all the time. 


How are things?

Conas atá cúrsaí?

[Kun-is a-taw Koor-see]

Copy and paste here to hear it pronounced



  • "Conas" means "how" or "what way"
  • "atá" is a form of the verb "bí," which means "to be"
  • "cúrsaí" means "things" or "matters"


Example conversation in English and Irish:

  • English: "Hey, how are things?"

  • Irish: "Dia dhuit, conas atá cúrsaí?"

  • English: "I'm doing well, thanks. And you?"

  • Irish: "Tá mé go maith, go raibh maith agat. Agus tú féin?"


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