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How to tell if a word is feminine or masculine in Irish

How to tell if a word is feminine or masculine in Irish; Irish for Beginners

How to Tell if a Word is Feminine or Masculine in Irish

Fáilte ar ais, welcome back!

This tutorial is all about understanding gender of nouns in the Irish language.

We'll be exploring how to distinguish between masculine and feminine words in Irish, and learning useful rules to help you identify the gender of words with confidence.

This video is ideal for beginners, language enthusiasts, or anyone looking to enhance their understanding of Irish grammar.

Enjoy this free Irish language lesson!

In this video;

  1. Why the gender of nouns is important in Irish
  2. Mistakes you don't want to make
  3. How to tell if words are feminine in Irish
  4. How to tell if words are masculine in Irish
  5. Best Irish grammar book
  6. How to easily find out what gender a noun is in Irish
  7. Dictionary tutorial on



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