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Do You Really Know How to Say Hello in Irish?

how to say in irish
An Irish pub with the name, 'Hello in Irish'

How confident are you to say hello in Irish? What about if there's more than one person to say hi to? 


Let's take a look at how to say hello in the Irish language. 

In Irish Gaelic, there is actually a different hello for one person and for more than one person. 

AND, how you say hello back to someone in Irish is different too. 

Let's break it down; 


Hello to one person in Irish

You say 'Dia Duit'

Pronunciation; [dee-a ghwitch]

Meaning; literally means 'God with you'


Saying hello back as Gaeilge

If someone has said, 'Dia Duit' to you. 

You reply with 'Dia is Muire Duit' to one person

Pronunciation; [dee-a iss mura ghwitch]

Meaning; literally means 'God and Mary with you' to one person



Hello to more than one person as Gaeilge

'Dia dhaoibh'

Pronunciation; [dee-a ghweeb]

Meaning; literally means 'God with you', plural. 


If you are saying hello back but there is more than one person, 

You reply with 'Dia is Muire Daoibh' 

Pronunciation; [dee-a iss mura ghweeb]

Meaning; literally means 'God and Mary with you' to more than one person



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