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Kids playing board games. This post is about phrases for playing games with the kids in Irish.

4 Phrases for Playing Games as Gaeilge, In Irish


4 Phrases for Playing Games as Gaeilge, In Irish


We know that kids learn best through fun and routines, and so do us adults. 

Here are loads of fun phrases you can use in Irish, to add some Gaeilge to your home in a fun way. 


How to say in Irish; 

  • Good game 
  • One more time
  • Well done
  • Your turn


Good Game - Cluiche Maith - [cli-ha maw] 

One more time - Uair amháin eile - [ur a-won ella] or [ur a-von ella] 

Well done - Maith thú - [maw who] 

It's your turn - Do shealsa atá ann - [duh shalsa ataw awn] 


Pop any of these phrases into here to hear their pronunciation in each dialect. 



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