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How to say congratulations in Irish

How to Say 'Congratulations' to Someone in Irish, as Gaeilge

How to Say 'Congratulations' to Someone in Irish, as Gaeilge


Fáilte ar ais welcome back, we're going to look at how you say congratulations, and congratulations to you. as Gaeilge, in Irish.


We're also going to look at three different ways, so stay until the end so that you get all three, and then you can sound like a native speaker.


Ach ar aghaidh linn, on we go. So, 





[ko-hor-das]  /koːɾʲdʲas/



Congratulations to you

Comhghairdeas leat

[ko-hor-das lat]  /koːɾʲdʲas lʲatʲ/

*switch 'leat' with 'libh' to offer congratulations to more than one person



Congratulations to Seán

Comhghairdeas le Seán

[ko-hor-das leh]  /koːɾʲdʲas lʲə/


Now, pronunciation disclaimer, as it goes for all Irish and all videos. There are three different dialects in Irish and phrases and words are pronounced different across the dialects. You can type any phrase into and you can hear it pronounced in each dialect.

I hope you got value from this little lesson. Check out our free resources below if you are interested in learning more Gaeilge. 


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