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Title says, 'a real Irish goodbye' with 'beginner Irish mini lesson' above.

How to Say Goodbye in Irish, as Gaeilge. A Real Irish Goodbye!

How to Say Goodbye in Irish, as Gaeilge, Correctly

Saying goodbye to one and more in Irish

You may not know, that there are different ways to say goodbye depending on whether you're saying it to one person or a group of people, and even different variations if you're the one staying or leaving. 



  1. Slán (pronounced "slawn") - used as just 'bye' 
  2. Slán leat (pronounced "slawn lat") - literally meaning 'safe with you'. Said to one person who is leaving. 
  3. Slán libh (pronounced "slawn liv" literally meaning 'safe with you'. Said to more than one person who is leaving. 
  4. Slán agat (pronounced "slawn ag-ut") said by the person leaving, to one person that's staying. 
  5. Slán agaibh (pronounced "slawn uh-giv") said by the person leaving to more than one person staying. 

In conclusion, knowing how to say goodbye in Irish is a simple yet valuable way to show respect for the local culture and language when visiting or living in Ireland. 


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