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5 Essential Phrases for Having Everyday Conversations in Irish, Like a Native

comhrá conversation in irish like a native

Are you interested in being able to speak Irish (Gaeilge) naturally, fluently and confidently?

Often we are taught phrases in Irish that are not used in everyday conversations by native speakers in the Gaeltacht.

We are here to change that. At Gaelscoil Online, we teach real, practical Irish that is used every day. 

Here are five phrases that will help you hold a conversation like a native speaker:

  1. "Dia duit" (dee-ah gwit) - "Hello"
  2. "Conas atá tú?" (kuh-nus ah-thaw too) - "How are you?"
  3. "Tá mé togha" (thaw may tow) - "I'm grand."
  4. "Conas atá tú féin?" (kuh-nus ah-thaw too hane) - "How are you yourself?"
  5. "Níl mé ródhona" (kneel may ro-ghuna) - I'm not too bad. 

You can always check the pronunciation of each phrase in a dialect of your choice by copying and pasting the phrase here

By using these phrases, you'll be able to greet people, ask how they're doing, and have a basic conversation in Irish. 

If you found this useful, you'd love our Rusty to Fluent series which is starting soon in 2023. You can add your name to this waitlist to be the first to know. 

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