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Would you love to be able to speak Gaeilge at home? 

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Imagine being able to confidently speak Irish to your kids

Imagine your children growing up with the language and thriving at school

This is you, right? 

You are passionate about the Irish language and would love to be able to speak it at home. Mostly, you would love your children to grow up with the language.

But, you lack confidence and the Gaeilge to be able to speak it. 

Now, you can get everything you need to be able to speak Irish at home with confidence and fluency. 

When I had my daughter, I felt so privileged, as an Irish teacher and fluent speaker, to be able to speak Irish to her and raise her as bi-lingual. Other mums and dads in my community told me that they would love to be able to speak Irish to their children. 

So, I created the easiest and fastest way to have all the Irish they need.  

Our step-by-step Gaeilge Guides save you time, and are made specifically for parents. 


They give you all the phrases & confidence you need to speak Irish at home.

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Your Gaeilge Guides have...


A video library of phrases so that you will have all the Irish you need everyday.

Short video lessons so you can learn fast and fit them into your busy life with ease. 

Lifetime access so you can have your guide forever and never feel time pressured. 

Themed modules so you can find the phrases you need fast. 

We Ensure that

  • You can start speaking Irish tomorrow
  • You'll be able to speak the language with confidence
  • Your children will learn the language
  • Their confidence will grow, along with yours
  • You'll feel proud to pass down the language
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How We're Different....

Normal Irish Class

€100 (10 lessons)


  • Just like school
  • Learn someone else’s curriculum 
  • You won't have the Irish you need to speak to your children
  • Over when it’s over 

Our Gaeilge Guides

€ You Choose


  • Easy step-by-step guides
  • All the Gaeilge you need for the home 
  • Support and community
  • Lifetime access 

Which one suits you? 

Monthly Subscription


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  • For any Irish mammy or daddy that would love to have some phrases in Irish to use with the children
  • Learn with a new video every week added to your membership
  • Study in your own time, from your phone (yes, we have an app)
  • Enjoy monthly bonus songs/rhymes as Gaeilge
  • Upgrade at any time for lifetime access to one of our other guides

6 Week Gaeilge Guide for Parents


One-Off Payment
Lifetime Access

  • Suitable for parents that would love to get started with adding some Irish to your home
  • Progress through 6 weeks of Gaeilge for the home
  • Work through your self-paced modules at your own convenience
  • Learn with a Video library of Gaeilge for parents
  • Get 30 + phrases you can use everyday
  • Practical Gaeilge for daily routines
  • Enjoy mini module workbooks to keep track of your progress
  • Receive a highly requested Bonus on discipline as Gaeilge
  • Receive another favourite, Bonus phrases for the car
  • Relax with Lifetime access
  • Feel secure with a 30 day money back guarantee

Complete Gaeilge Guide for Parents


One-Off Payment
Lifetime Access

  • For any parents that are passionate about the Irish language and would love to be part of a likeminded community with ongoing support
  • Everything in the 6 week guide 
  • Work through at your own pace
  • Learn with a video library of all the Irish you need from morning until night
  • Access 150+ everyday phrases
  • Enjoy Songs and rhymes as Gaeilge in every module
  • Keep track of your progress with Workbooks for you 
  • Enjoy workbooks and activities for the kids so they can join in on your learning journey
  • Gain exclusive access to our Gaeilgeoir Parent Tribe Facebook group
  • Benefit from a fortnightly Q&A
  • Have all your Qs answered
  • Relax with Lifetime support
  • Feel secure with a 30 day money back guarantee
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Your Gaeilge Guide Guarantee - Money Back? 

30 Day Money back guarantee if your Gaeilge Guide isn’t for you. 

What our Mammies & Daddies say...

"I love the short videos...
Love it" 

".. I am so often interrupted by the kids and these are ideal to pause and take it in and then do another one. Love it!!!"

What has been your biggest win?

"Hearing my kids speak Irish".

"Hearing my boys say phrases fills my heart"

"I have loved going through it and all my Irish from school coming back slowly but surely but now I have more of an interest in learning it and to hear my boys saying phrases fills my heart."

Would you recommend to friends and family? 

"Yes 100% because I think it’s realistic to be able to do & reap the rewards & a lovely teacher who is very patient & enthusiastic so it so enjoyable". 

"It's so much more that I expected"

"It has been created just right for teaching the kids in a fun non teaching way if that makes sense! It is obviously created by a mother as it covers all I need to say to my children so far so the lack of questions and feedback/criticism is because the course is just right for me so far".

FYI In the following testimonials the guides are called courses, as this is what they were when we launched. Then we realised, actually they are really are guides that give you what you need, there's no need to study or any compulsory components. 

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Our guides are growing and so will the price. 

Get your guide today and have full access to all future updates for free!

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2. Get instant access

Followed by drip-fed modules to give you time to practice & use. 

3. Confidently speak Irish at home

You'll have all the help you need inside your guide. 

4. Your children grow up with Gaeilge

This is the goal and the wonderful win our mammies & daddies rave about. 

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The earlier you start speaking Irish at home, the better for your children.