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Learn Gaeilge for the home and raise your children with

our beautiful language


Made for busy parents by a busy parent


The Education System is NOT Creating Irish Speakers

Most of us left school believing Irish was hard. I'm here to tell you that it isn't. When you learn practical Irish that you can use every day, it is easier than ever imagined.  

All our children need to be confident Irish speakers, students, and lovers of the Irish language is to hear the language being spoken. 

We know that children learn languages, sa Bhaile, at home

But Mamma, You're Busy


I'm not just an Irish language teacher or fluent speakerI'm a mum. 

Like you, I am bombarded with doing this for our kids, and that.

We want to give them every opportunity to be happy and successful. 

But, how can we add learning a language on top of that? 

When I had my daughter I felt so privileged to be able to speak Irish to her and raise her to be bi-lingual. 

Other mammies in my community told me that they would love to be able to do the same and raise their children with our beautiful native language. 

So, I created the easiest and fastest way for them to have all the Irish they needed. 


Gaeilge Guides for Parents

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A way for you to learn Irish to use with the kids in short on-demand lessons perfect for busy mammies & daddies, no matter your level of Irish. 

  • Irish for routines and play, because that's how they really learn
  • Short 3-5 minute lessons you can fit in any time, any place
  • Lifetime access so you don't have to commit to a course 

Our Mammies Say...

"Hearing my boys say phrases fills my heart"

"I have loved going through it and all my Irish from school coming back slowly but surely but now I have more of an interest in learning it and to hear my boys saying phrases fills my heart."

"It's so much more that I expected"

"It has been created just right for teaching the kids in a fun non teaching way if that makes sense! It is obviously created by a mother as it covers all I need to say to my children so far so the lack of questions and feedback/criticism is because the course is just right for me so far".

What has been your biggest win?

"Hearing my kids speak Irish".

What's Included In your Gaeilge Guide...

All The Gaeilge

You'll learn everyday phrases to use with the kids, in 3 minutes a day or week. 

  • Morning routine Gaeilge
  • Phrases for getting them out the door
  • Playtime Gaeilge
  • School drop-off & goodbyes as Gaeilge
  • Phrases for chatting about their day
  • Nighttime routine Irish
  • Lots more for everything in between

You will finish each guide with all the Irish you need to be able to add it into everyday fun and routines.

You Don't Need Time 

Enjoy short, easy lessons that teach you everything you need and nothing you don't

Being a mum, I know that time is a luxury, so you'll have:

  • 3 Minute video lessons you can do with your cupán tae
  • Themed modules so you can find the Irish you need fast
  • An easy dip or dive into approach
  • An app to make it even easier

You won't have the stress of an Irish course, exams, or time crunches. Learn the Irish you need, when you can. 

You're Not Alone 

Be part of a community, not a class

We support our mammies and daddies:

  • With guides on how to easily add a second language to your home
  • Through a fast-track way to becoming both confident and fluent
  • With help on hand from an Irish teacher and mum


Just Decide

Which One Suits You

Complete Gaeilge Guide for Parents


Most Support
One-Off Payment
Lifetime Access

  • For any parents that are passionate about the Irish language and would love to be part of a likeminded community with ongoing support
  • Everything in the 6 week guide 
  • Work through at your own pace
  • Learn with a video library of all the Irish you need from morning until night
  • Access 150+ everyday phrases
  • Enjoy Songs and rhymes as Gaeilge in every module
  • Keep track of your progress with Workbooks for you 
  • Enjoy workbooks and activities for the kids so they can join in on your learning journey
  • Gain exclusive access to our Gaeilgeoir Parent Tribe Facebook group
  • Benefit from a fortnightly Q&A
  • Have all your Qs answered
  • Relax with Lifetime support

Mini Gaeilge Guide for Parents


Most Popular
One-Off Payment
Lifetime Access

  • Suitable for parents that would love to get started with adding some Irish to your home
  • Progress through 6 weeks of Gaeilge for the home
  • Work through your self-paced modules at your own convenience
  • Learn with a Video library of Gaeilge for parents
  • Get 30 + phrases you can use everyday
  • Practical Gaeilge for daily routines
  • Enjoy mini module workbooks to keep track of your progress
  • Receive a highly requested Bonus on discipline as Gaeilge
  • Receive another favourite, Bonus phrases for the car
  • Relax with Lifetime access

Not too sure?  


If you aren’t completely satisfied with your Gaeilge Guide or feel like it's not for you, just pop me an email within the first 14 days for a full refund.

Ceist (Question)?

Our Gaeilge Guides Are For You If...

  • You are passionate about passing on the language to your children
  • You'd love to hear your children speak Irish
  • You want to see your children thrive at school
  • You want your children to have all the benefits of being bi-lingual
  • You want to be a proud and confident Irish speaker yourself


In just a few weeks, You Could…

  • Have an abundance of Irish you can use at home
  • Finally have the confidence to speak the language
  • Be raising your children with Gaeilge
  • See and hear your children love the language


X Don't look back with regret and wish you could speak your language

X Don't regret not passing on the language to your kids

It will never be easier,  I've created the easiest and fastest ways for parents to succeed.