Irish for Complete Beginners is Coming Soon!


Are you living in Ireland, but never studied Irish?


Are your children or partner Irish, and you would love to learn the language for them? 


Or, are you moving to Ireland and you would like to have the language? 


We are creating the perfect resource and course for you right now. Designed especially for busy parents to take you from a complete beginner to Irish person proficient in the language.

You will feel confident about pronunciation, grammar, structure, speaking and understanding all of the basics of the Irish language. 

You'll be getting 8 years of the Irish language curriculum in one easy-to-manage course. 

Imagine being able to help your children with Irish, understanding what they are studying, and being able to recognise and understand all of the Irish about you. 

As always, we open the doors to waitlists first, so pop your name below. 


We're so excited!