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Speak Like a Native; Phrases for the Cold in Irish

how to say in irish

Tá sé fuar taobh amuigh, it is cold outside. Speak like a native with these phrases for the winter weather. 

We are going to look at how to say all of the following in Irish; 

  • How to say it's freezing today in Irish
  • How to say my hands are freezing as Gaeilge
  • How to say there's ice on the road in Irish 
  • How to ask, 'would you like ice with that?' as Gaeilge
  • How to say it's snowing hard/heavily in Irish 
  • How to say it was snowing overnight 
  • How to ask, 'where is your coat?' as Gaeilge
  • How to say, 'put on your coat' in Irish, Gaelic


For pronunciation to any of the phrases below, just copy and paste them into to hear the phrase in each dialect of Irish. 


It's Freezing

Tá sé préachta

It's freezing today - Tá sé préachta inniu - [taw shey prey-uck-ta inn-you] 

 My hands are freezing - Tá mo lámha préachta - [taw muh lawva prey-uck-ta] 


Leac Oighir

There's ice on the road - Tá leac oighir ar an mbóthar - [taw lack ire air on moher] 

Would you like ice with that? - Ar mhaith leat oighear leis sin? - [air wha lat ire lesh sin]



It's snowing hard - Tá sé ag cur sneachta go trom- [taw shay egg cur snachta guh trum] 

It was snowing overnight - Bhí sé ag cur sneachta thar oíche - [vee shay egg cur snachta har eeha]



Where is your coat? - Cá bhfuil do chóta? - [caw will duh chota]

Put on your coat. - Cuir ort do chóta - [kwerr urt duh chota]



Type any phrase in to hear it in a dialect of choice. 


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